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Introducing the 'FIA GT Championship 2018' Nations Cup Asia/Oceania Regional Final! Experience in Person the Heat of the Battle!

The 'FIA Gran Turismo Championship' is on its way to determine the best Gran Turismo athlete in the world. Its inaugural year is already approaching the end of its Final Season, and the top players from the participating countries are now on their last stretch towards the coveted championship title.

This Nations Cup Regional Final, which is the competition between countries from the same Region, will determine the champions of the Asia/Oceania Region and will be hosted at the 'Tokyo Motor Fes 2018'. This event is to be held across the 3 day weekend starting Saturday, 6 October to Monday 8 October at the Tokyo ocean front sub city centre.

The 'Tokyo Motor Fes' is an event held semi-annually with an aim to increase the number of car and motorcycle fans. A variety of events are staged at multiple venues in the ocean front sub city centre, and the growth of e-Sports is one of the main themes of this year.

The 'FIA Gran Turismo Championship 2018 Nations Cup Asia/Oceania Regional Final' will be part of this theme: the venue is the MEGA WEB, a theme park for cars. Here, 30 representatives from 11 countries in Asia/Oceania will battle to determine the Regional Champion, and the finalists for the World Final.

The Regional Final is a rare opportunity to get a look close up at the driving skill of the best players aiming for the top of the world. We invite you all to join us at the venue and enjoy the heat of the battle in person!

Details of the 'FIA Gran Turismo Championship' 2018 Nations Cup Asia/Oceania Regional Final

■ Location: MEGA WEB (1-3-12 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
■ Dates and Times: During the Tokyo Motor Fes 2018;
・6 October (Sat.) World Finalist Selection Match
・7 October (Sun.) Regional Champion Final
・8 October (Mon.) Gran Turismo World Tour Exhibition Japanese Manufacturers Battle
*Exact dates and times may be subject to change.
■ Participating competitors: Top 30 players in the Online Season rankings of the 'FIA Gran Turismo Championship' 2018 Series in the Asia/Oceania Region held between June to September 2018.