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Gran Turismo® 7

Earn up to 2,000,000 In-game Credits with the "Gran Turismo World Series" 2024 Round 1 – Montreal "Predict the Winners" Campaign!

The "Gran Turismo World Series" 2024 Round 1, taking place on Saturday, July 6 in Montreal, Canada, is sure to be an exciting event, kicking off the new GTWS season.

To celebrate the occasion, there will be a "Predict the Winners" campaign beginning on Tuesday, June 25, on Gran Turismo 7 where you can win up to 2,000,000 In-game Credits.

The "Gran Turismo World Series" 2024 Round 1 – Montreal
"Predict the Winners" Campaign

Players can win In-game Credits (Cr.) by correctly predicting the winners of the Manufacturers Cup and Nations Cup. The prize of 1,000,000 Cr. will be awarded for each correct guess, with a total of 2,000,000 Cr. being given away for correctly guessing the winners of both tournaments.

Prize Bonuses for Correct Answers

Manufacturers Cup Only: 1,000,000 Cr.
Nations Cup Only: 1,000,000 Cr.
Both Correct: 2,000,000 Cr.

How to Enter

Find the campaign banner at the top right corner of the Gran Turismo 7 World Map screen, and make your predictions for the Manufacturers Cup and Nations Cup final races within the campaign period.

Entry Period

The entry period begins on Tuesday, June 25, and ends when the race starts.

Reward Distribution and How to Claim

Rewards will be distributed in-game on Monday, July 8. They can be collected from the "Gifts" tab in the Garage.

Please note that these rewards will be available for a limited time only, so make sure to collect them within the distribution period.

What is the Gran Turismo World Series? (GTWS)

The Gran Turismo World Series is the title of the official Gran Turismo world championship.

Drivers compete in one of two championship categories: the Nations Cup, where they represent their home country/territory, and the Manufacturers Cup, in which they drive for automobile manufacturer teams.

The competition events of the World Series are held in front of a live audience with the best competitors from the global qualifiers. There will sure to be fierce battles as we find out who is the fastest Gran Turismo driver in the world.

For more information on the "Gran Turismo World Series" 2024 Round 1 – Montreal, please check the special page.

The "Gran Turismo World Series" 2024 Rd.1 – Montreal Special Page