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GT Sophy vs. GT Drivers Exhibition Race Replays Out Now!

You can now watch the exhibition races featuring GT Sophy against the world's fastest GT drivers, which was held during the GT World Series 2022 Showdown event at Red Bull Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria, in their entirety.

An autonomous AI racing agent, GT Sophy was developed using a deep reinforcement learning platform created by Polyphony Digital, Sony AI, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. This exhibition race demonstrates the high level of the AI agent’s capabilities that have evolved since development began just two years ago. Back in the early days, it was said that the AI program was unable to successfully complete a full lap.

The races feature some of the best GT drivers in the world, including previous champions Valerio Gallo, Igor Fraga, Tomoaki Yamanaka, and Emily Jones.

These races were held on Sardegna - Windmills off-road track and Autodrome Lago Maggiore - Full Course. This is GT Sophy’s first time competing on an off-road course in public, so make sure you tune in to see how it performs in these races against top human opposition under entirely different conditions.