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Gran Turismo Sport

“Gran Turismo Sport” takes home the top prize in VFX-JAPAN Award 2018

VFX-JAPAN, a Japanese organization that specializes in the field of computer graphics and visual effects, presented "Gran Turismo Sport" with its top prize in the Game Imaging Category at its annual "VFX-JAPAN Award 2018," which took place on March 8 in Akihabara, Tokyo.

The prestigious award recognizes superior image works in CG and VFX applications. This year, there were 25 winners in eight divisions, with Gran Turismo Sport taking the top prize in a field of three in the Game Imaging Category. Nominees are chosen by VFX-JAPAN members.

The true-to-life image quality featured in Gran Turismo Sport, attained through advanced technologies in 4K, 60fps, HDR and wide color processing, has been consistently praised by many professionals in the industry.