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Chaparral Racing and Chevrolet: Over 50 Years of Racing Innovation | Chevrolet


Gran Turismo®6

Chevrolet partners with Legendary Chaparral Brand for comeback in Gran Turismo

Between 1960 and 1980, Chaparral revolutionized the world of motorsports. The legendary brand is making a comeback this year through Chevrolet and Gran Turismo, with the Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo concept. The full-scale representation of the car will be displayed by Chevrolet at the Los Angeles Auto show, Nov. 21-30. It will be possible to download the Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo during the holiday season as a part of the Vision Gran Turismo cars in Gran Turismo 6, allowing Gran Turismo users to experience the performance of a car that overturns the concept of modern race cars.

Chaparral Cars was established by racer and engineer Jim Hall and F1 Driver Hap Sharp in 1962. Thereafter Chaparral created influential racing cars called the 2 series, including the “2”, ”2C”, “2D”, “2F” and more, which shook up established racing series in the United States and in Europe. Their legacy was built on revolutionary applications of cutting edge technology and aerodynamics. A partnership with Chevrolet's R&D department played a major role in Chaparral's success.

The number of new technologies that Chaparral brought to racing are numerous, including semi-monocoque chassis using FRP, automatic transmission with torque converter, giant hydraulically operated rear wings, wing-shaped bodies, fan cars that draw out air from the underfloor and more. To Chaparral, the circuit was a giant test lab for pursuing speed.

And of course the spirit of Chaparral lives on in the Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo concept. The car was designed by the GM Advanced Design Studio, and the founder of Chaparral Jim Hall himself was involved in the design. “It will serve as an example of what our designers are capable of when they are cut loose, no holds-barred. A fantasy car in every sense of the word,” said Mark Reuss, GM executive vice president, global product development. The full details of this far-reaching machine will be unveiled in a few days. Stay tuned.