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Quitting the Game During the Update Installation Process (Valid Only for Update 1.11 or Older)

If you quit the game during the installation process of a Gran Turismo 6 update (by pressing the PS button or any other way), the installation process may fail. Please make sure to allow the installation to complete before attempting to exit the game.

If the installation fails due to the above mentioned scenario, the data may be able to be restored by restarting the game or by deleting the partially installed Game Data files from the "Game Data Utility folder" in the PS3™ XMB. For details, please refer to the "Related Links" at the bottom of the page.

This issue could potentially affect any of the previous update files including "Update 1.11". After the installation of "Update 1.12" (planned to be released in September 2014), this issue will no longer occur.