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Gran Turismo®5

Gran Turismo 5 Feature List Revealed at Tokyo Game Show

At the Tokyo Game Show held starting Thursday, September 24, Kazunori Yamauchi, creator and producer of the Gran Turismo franchise, revealed a list of features to be included in Gran Turismo 5. Main features include over 950 cars, 20 course locations with 70 layouts, and a new physics engine with roll-over, damage, and more. Additionally, Yamauchi highlighted the ability for players to carry over unlocked cars in Gran Turismo for PSP, launching October 1, 2009, into Gran Turismo 5 when it launches, giving players a chance to get a head start on Gran Turismo 5 via Gran Turismo for PSP.

- Over 950 Cars

- Over 20 Locations
- Over 70 Variations

- New Physics
- Damage
- Movable objects on the course
- The newest Hybrid cars and electric cars

Arcade Mode
- Single Player
- Split Screen 2 Player

GT Mode
- World Map
- My Garage
- Car Dealer
- Tuning Shop
- Championship Race
- License Test

- Open Lobby
- Text / Voice Chat
- Private Room
- Online Photo Album
- Online Replay Album
- Export of replays to YouTube

Photo Mode
- Photo Drive
- Photo Stage

Gran Turismo TV
- Improved UI
- Export of video to the PSP
- Progressive downloading