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After a year of fantastic racing action, the 2021 Series of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships will finally reach its climax at the World Finals.

This is the fourth year of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships. The 2021 Series has been hosted fully online.

The 2021 Series started with the annual Online Series in April, and there were also four ‘World Series’ events that replaced the ‘Top 16 Superstars’ held in previous years. The ‘World Series Showdown’ event marked the midway point of the Series in August. Now, the top 58 drivers who successfully navigated qualification will compete on the ‘World Finals’ stage to become the world's fastest nation/territory and the top global automobile manufacturer.

The Grand Final of the global ‘TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup 2021’ one-make series will also be held for its third straight year. In this series, drivers skills are tested to the maximum in races under equal conditions.

Who will come out on top in the deciding races of the 2021 Series? Be sure to tune in!

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