Gran Turismo Sophy is a revolutionary superhuman racing AI agent that has mastered the highly realistic game of Gran Turismo® Sport, to race against and elevate the gaming experience of top Gran Turismo drivers.


A Unique Collaboration

Gran Turismo Sophy (GT Sophy) is the result of a unique collaboration between Sony AI, a cutting-edge AI research organization, Polyphony Digital (PDI), the creative studio behind the world-famous Gran Turismo games, and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the PlayStation®︎ company. The three-way collaboration achieved a new breakthrough in AI technology and demonstrates how AI can create new experiences for even the most accomplished game players.

Learn how teams across the organizations collaborated to create GT Sophy and race against the world’s top Gran Turismo drivers.



A Scientific Breakthrough

The technological collaboration between Sony AI, PDI and SIE resulted in a scientific breakthrough, which was featured on the cover of Nature.

Learn more about the technologies that enabled GT Sophy, including Sony AI’s novel deep reinforcement learning platform; PDI’s real driving simulator Gran Turismo; and SIE’s cloud gaming infrastructure, which enabled AI training at a massive scale.



The Race Against the World’s Top Drivers

Sony AI and PDI co-hosted racing events called Race Together where GT Sophy raced against some of the world’s top Gran Turismo drivers at PDI’s studio in Tokyo.

Watch the full race footage and learn more about the top drivers as well as the race format here.

  • Gran Turismo Sophy 'Race Together'

    The trailer that introduces the time-limited game event Gran Turismo Sophy 'Race Together' released in Gran Turismo 7.

  • Exhibition Race - World Finals

    The exhibition race between Gran Turismo Sophy and the top GT drivers Valerio Gallo, Igor Fraga, Emily Jones, and Takuma Miyazono, which took place on 27 November at the Gran Turismo World Series 2022 World Finals event in Monaco.

  • Exhibition Race - Showdown

    The exhibition race between Gran Turismo Sophy and the top GT drivers Valerio Gallo, Igor Fraga, Emily Jones, and Tomoaki Yamanaka, which took place on 31 July at the Gran Turismo World Series Showdown 2022 event in Salzburg, Austria.

  • Media Event

    Official unveiling of Gran Turismo Sophy.

  • Documentary Movie

    The documentary movie about the making of Gran Turismo Sophy.

  • Brand Movie

    The brand movie that expresses the world of
    Gran Turismo Sophy.