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Announcing the Year End/New Year's Special Online Event

To thank everyone playing Gran Turismo 5, we are hosting a special online event called the New Year's Holiday Challenge. You can find the event in [Seasonal Events] of [GT Mode].

This New Year's Holiday Challenge is a special event for expert players, yielding high rewards. Those achieving 3rd place or higher in races and Bronze or better in time trials will also receive special prizes. These events are more difficult than the standard events, but clearing all events with the best result will also award you an additional special prize, and we are inviting everyone to try this special challenge.。

In addition, rewards in all seasonal events during this period are doubled, and cars found in the Hot Car Dealer are at half price. We hope you'll take this opportunity to participate in the standard events as well, and pick up some nice cars for your garage!

New Year's Holiday Challenge Duration:
December 19(Wed) 2012 22:00 EST - January 9 (Wed) 2013 22:00 EST

Thank you for continuing to play the Gran Turismo series in 2012, and we hope to see you in 2013!