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Gran Turismo for PSP®


800 cars. 35 tracks. Only possible on the PSP®

Prepare for the most authentic handheld racing experience as the best-selling Gran Turismo® series debuts on the PSP® system. Prove your driving skills on 35 tracks, and trade or share more than 800 stunning cars from the world's top manufacturers.

Key Features:

Slick Visuals --Runs on a new graphics engine designed for the PSP® system that delivers stunning visuals at a crisp 60 frames per second.

Depth and Variety -- Collect over 800 licensed vehicles from international automakers.

Expand Your Collection -- Trade and share cars with friends to expand your collection via Ad Hoc wireless.

Hit the Road -- Race on 35 licensed and fictional tracks, with 60 track layouts total. Compete in time trials, races, or drift mode challenges.

Test Your Driving Skills -- Complete over 100 challenges to hone your driving skills and learn new cornering, braking and other driving techniques.

Friendly Competition -- Using Ad Hoc wireless mode, pick a car and track and challenge friends to heated 4-player races, and enjoy Party and Shuffle Race modes where the game adjusts start times or car line-up at the beginning of each race to keep competition close between players of different skill levels.

Head Start on Gran Turismo 5 -- Transfer your collection of cars to Gran Turismo 5 when it releases to get a jump on the competition.

Product Detail

PSP® (UMD and PSN Download)
Release Date
Oct. 1, 2009
Number of players
1 (Up to 4 players via Ad Hoc)
Sony Interactive Entertainment America / Polyphony Digital Inc.