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Alpine Vision Gran Turismo

Alpine Vision Gran Turismo
Originally released in Gran Turismo 6 on March 18, 2015




Car Description

Alpine, the French sports car brand par excellence, has returned! After the A450 Le Mans prototype won in the European Endurance Championship in 2013, and with the revival of the company in February 2016, Alpine continued to ride its successful streak by introducing a new A110 car in 2017.
Since the company was founded in the mid-1950s, it has built a reputation for creating performance cars built with passion. They were lightweight, agile and extremely elegant. Race versions of them took on, and defeated, those from other, much larger, automobile manufacturers.
In March 2015, Alpine introduced Gran Turismo players to a new sports car that was as unique as it was fascinating: the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo. This sleek and distinctive machine—developed exclusively for the world’s most famous driving simulation game—was created by the same dedicated designers and engineers who work on the company's future production models. So it should come as no surprise that the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo explored the key Alpine themes of agility, performance and style to the maximum.
Agility has always been a defining characteristic of Alpine's road cars. They have all been engineered to corner as if they were part of the driver, making operating an Alpine car a fun and exciting experience. Because the cars are lightweight, they respond quickly and efficiently to driver inputs. On top of that, they exuded a classy, unqiue sense of style that made them the center of attention on the race track or public roads.
The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo, in its own distinctive way, possessed every single one of these ingredients.
Loyal fans will no doubt notice a nod to yesteryear's Alpine race cars in the rear styling of the Vision Gran Turismo (VGT). Look closely, and you can see in the details elements of the A210, an energy-efficient race car that won its class at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. There are also hints of the A442B, the overall winner of the 1978 Le Mans race, and the A450, which won the LMP2 category in the 2013 ELMS competition. Players unfamiliar with past Alpines can appreciate the VGT's low-slung flanks and aerodynamic body. There are also plenty of rich creative elements to the car, including the side air brakes.
The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo discreetly features a few traits that echo a future production model, not only in its styling, but in the way it drives. Thus, the VGT, which represents the ambitious aim of Alpine engineers and designers, provides Gran Turismo players the opportunity of being able to preview what they have be planning in a future sports car.
Weaving a winning link between past and future, road and track, and the virtual and real, the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo conveys the enthusiastic spirit and the future vision of the Alpine team.

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